Best Books of 2009 (Well, According to Me)

December might not be over, but I doubt I'll be reading much this month. So without further ado, my favorite new books of 2009:

A Season of Gifts, by Richard Peck

Just how deep does my librarian blood flow? I was crushed when I realized that I'd be in London when the Newberys are announced. I had such fun last year, watching the live unveiling. Who knows if I'll figure out the time difference, or what I'll be doing the third week in January. But I can still post my hopes in advance. And those hopes are:

Philbrick absolutely deserves the award for this story, and the award absolutely deserves to gain respect by settling on such a worthy recipient.

Newbery Honors are mixed between hopes and predictions. I hope Any Which Wall and Calpurnia Tate get honors. But I predict Calpurnia Tate and When You Reach Me.

We shall see.


brilynne said...

Oh, you make me hungry to read.

E-mail coming soon.

Ms. Yingling said...

It's always interesting to see what people liked best. I really did NOT like most of these, except for Any Which Wall. Different books for different people!

Catherine Ensley said...

Nate Wilson (Dandelion Fire) actually lives in the town where I'm the public library's children's librarian. His career is on an upward trajectory, that's for sure. Last time I saw him, last July, he'd just signed with Random House for another FIVE fantasy novels. His way with words is quite magical. So among those you'd nominate for Newbery ... I'd choose Nate's!

Noël De Vries said...

Five?!? Wow, I am excited.

Leepike Ridge was my ultimate pick for the Newbery in 2007, but Dandelion Fire, being 1) fantasy and 2) book two of a trilogy... doesn't fit the Newbery bill very well. Looking foward to more from him, though!

Thanks for stopping by, Catherine.