Scoop of the e-e-evening: Dandelion Fire

You know how sometimes, you step out of the cinema, and all the words and colors and images swirl in your brain, and you can’t settle on one specific moment, but you know it was golden, and suddenly, everywhere, the world is brilliant and hectic and cosmic? Once in a while, paper and black ink become as vivid as that moment outside the cinema. And when they do, book reviews discombobulate into little jots:

Nate Wilson knows the beauty of …

a paradox: Hylfling bows beside Kansas shotguns. An erstwhile dark-caped wizard eating a hotdog.

uncommon language. “[The sapling] was supple, wick with hidden life.”

truth and depth in a two-sided story.

richer-than-black-soil humor.

hidden layers.

twists that glow green and gold in the hollows of your mind, as they connect with true faces from Old Stories

snuggling deeper under the covers, chuckling and reveling in the deliciousness of a tale.

I know several people who’ve told me they just couldn’t get into 100 Cupboards. But for those of you who liked it, even just okay, Dandelion Fire will blow you away.

And may I add that the author’s little finger contains more imaginative plot turns than most three-volume novels?

Hurray for Chestnut King!


Marie DeVries said...

AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! I was JUST thinking about how much I wanted to inter-loan this book through my library- and then I come here and see your review and now I'm even /more/ impatient... I can't wait to read Dandelion Fire!

Noel De Vries said...

You can start it this weekend, if there's any reading time between cousinly activities. :)

Marie DeVries said...

I don't know if there will be any 'spare' time...
maybe I'll just pull an all-nighter reading :)