That Lass

It's been sadly quiet around here the past month or two...

Maybe, though, it's an authentic reflection of my personality. In real life, I'm often the person who watches and listens and doesn't say much.

But I have been posting a bit over at my new sister blog ... or ... Siamese blog (since it's still me talking).

A play on an obscure Burnett title:

That Lass O' London. Warming up to be my main microphone from January to May, when this blog will hibernate, and I will roam the streets of Great Britain.

Add it to your reader for 2010 if you're interested in hearing the tales of a writer/librarian turned nanny. There may not be many book reviews, but I guarantee plenty of interesting posts as an American girl settles in with a Kiwi family in SE London.

I'd love to have you stop by!


cuileann said...

Oh, accent jackpot!

hopeinbrazil said...

Hello Noel, Just wanted to inform you that you are a "superior scribbler" and I awarded you as such. See my blog for details.

Blessings, Hope