BBC Ecstasy

I've spent the week watching the BBC's spectacular productions of Dorothy Sayers' Strong Poison, Have His Carcase, and Gaudy Night. Yes, I was supposed to be packing. But I was not my own.

I saw the adaptions on Amazon ages ago, but our local rental place is a laugh, and Netflix warns that Strong Poison has a Very Long Wait. I was too cheap to pay $43.99 without knowing if they were any good, so finally, I persuaded the library to purchase the set.

Well. Now I know.

Let's just say that every day has been a frabjous day this week, because there were two episodes of Lord Peter to look forward to each night. Wonderful, gorgeous performances from Edward Petherbridge and Harriet Walter (who you might recognize as Sense and Sensibility's Fanny).

Gaudy Night wasn't quite up to the first two titles, but there's balm in Gilead--I can always go back to the novel itself, my very favorite of Sayers' work. In fact, after watching the series, I'll most likely be going back to reread all of that lovely trilogy.

Callooh callay.

What's your favorite BBC?

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