Noël De Vries

I'm a girl who posted yesterday (or the day before). For sure I'll write something tomorrow. So, sorry, nothing new today. I'm a devotee of märchen, 4:00, mercy, magic rings, the Continent, marmalade, rounded doorways, keening Northern music, and bookshops. My favorite novels are here. Contact me here.

Children's literature is the Bread & Grains of my reading diet. I have six younger siblings, with whom I read out loud and share recommendations. I had the brilliant opportunity to work as a children's librarian in a small public library for six years, including three years in acquisitions, until I went the way of Jane Eyre and became a governess/au pair in Europe. I started this blog because I've never stopped reading--or loving--children's/YA. Which is why I write it. I wrote my first YA novel when I was 14, for a year-long English assignment. It was terrible. My first children's fantasy began as a high school senior. So technically, my current work in progress is novel #3. But back to the topic: I like to think about what I read. Books are about communicating ideas, and if there is only one mouth moving (the author’s), then the Great Conversation is completely lost. It's crucial to think and speak in the world of children’s literature, because when you read a book as a child it becomes part of your identity in a way that no other reading in your life ever does and I've gotten carried away (name the source of that quote and we're sure to be friends). FYI, my thoughts are grounded in a historic Christian worldview.