one thousand gifts, norway, excerpt, week seven

Spring term
Snowdrops brought from the forest in tightly clenched hands, held behind backs: "for you"
Chocolate cake and telephone calls
Deer in the yard
Slipping out onto the porch to sing, Come Spirit, come charm, come days that are warm
Tight white buds in the branches
A morning walk, the two year old in his stroller, a calmly trotting four year old at our side (alien behavior; I am all astonishment)
British Little Einsteins
Bird gossip at all hours (even 4 am)
Standing in the grass outside my door, wrapped in a wool blanket, humming Keith Green, make my life a prayer to you
This is no thaw... This is Spring!
Lying flat in the sunshine that covered the sofa
Paying for bus tickets, and the driver asking if I was also a student price
Missing our bus connection and walking home in the sun, rather than wait
Singing as we walk under a bridge, because tunnels are lovely for singing
Norwegian brunch, a long table crammed with plates and food and people from half a dozen countries
1 John outside in the sunshine
Checking out Celia's House from Open Library dot org
Blue sky morning
Airing out my sweaters
Nut cake with cream and pomegranates
Tidings of a chalet in the Alps two weeks hence

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