one thousand gifts, norway, excerpt, week six

My very own little blaze in the woodstove
Jello from a Thai neighbor that tastes exactly like Twizzlers
Sound of gentle rain
Headphones and Most Agreeable music from period dramas to shut out the two year old's bedtime tantrum
The sudden thought, "So this is...abiding" as I put clean sheets on the four year old's bed at the end of a long day
Sending letters all day
Receiving letters (in my inbox) all day
Good news from a far-away friend
Lovely perfumes as chattering Chilean women walk past me into church
The first day of spring term
Walking past the girls' room and stopping to smile at the sight of the 13 year old sitting up in bed, knitting and listening to an audio book
The baby teething on the bars of his play pen
Babies sleeping in their prams on the porch
Homemade almond joys
Acts 3:16 It is His name, through faith in His name...a faith that comes from Him...that makes me strong and whole this day


grandma l said...

I love your writings so interesting. I had another word for it but couldn't spell it and the computer was not of any help.
love you

grandma l said...

I can't say enough about your gift of writing it is so intriguing. I love it and you.
Love you always
Grandma L

Bria said...

"So this is...abiding." I do love that.