one thousand gifts, norway, excerpt, week one

Welcome salmon
Toasty knees as I draw my chair near the radiator
The 4 year old asking his mother, "How do you say, I want to give you a kiss, in English?"
A Scottish accent
Children sledding by flashlight
Norwegian brown cheese
Snowflakes like falling feathers
Reading Little House on the Prairie out loud on the couch
The 13 year old clarifying, So, after Ellerslie, you must go to university if you want to do something useful?
The 6 year old, worn out, crawling up the steep snowy driveway on all fours
Phone calls home
The boys waving through my window, breath fogging the glass
Wool blankets
Skiers and joggers on the same snowy road

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Bryana Johnson said...

Lovely pictures. Pictures of handwriting make me wild to write beautiful words and hang them up all over the world :).

Seeing other people's gift lists makes me happy. I'm at 3887 myself. It doesn't get old. It only gets better.