My current fascination. Cultured drinks and vegetables, so easy to create, and brimming with life (literally). So far I've grown my own scoby, begun brewing kombucha, lacto-fermented homemade kimchi, nixtamalized organic corn and eaten the ensuing polenta and tortillas, begun brewing wild yeast via a sourdough starter... tomorrow I get two gallons of raw milk to begin experimenting with whey, grass-fed butter, and kefir.
Obsession courtesy of Nourishing Traditions


Holly said...

scoby! new word!

i've started swearing by kombucha when i'm sick...or even better, ginger kombucha.

Noël De Vries said...

yes, a beautiful symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast...rather hypnotizing to watch, growing before your eyes.

you already know how I feel about ginger (remember the candy experiment?) so it should come as no surprise to hear that I have ginger root standing by to add four days before fermentation is completed.

Or that I'm also brewing a ginger bug, as a starter for ginger ale.