oh. my goodness.

for the novel I'm writing, I chose photos to help me imagine the faces of my characters. for two years, the heroine has been felicity jones, and the hero, rupert friend.

next year, they'll be in a movie together. okay yes, they were both in cherie, but in this film they are the main characters. and unlike cherie, this sounds like a film I will definitely want to see.

"this beautiful fantastic"

Bella Brown, a chronically shy children's book author, has no family, friends, or social life. After meeting Billy, a messy, out-of-control inventor, however, Bella begins a romance that leads her to interact with the world around her in a new way.

“a modern fairy tale in the vein of Amelie and Finding Neverland.”


Heidi said...

That movie sounds delightful!

Erin said...

oooh, that sounds super promising!