Holly said...

Noel at the Pacific! YES!

sally apokedak said...

I tried to comment on the last pictures but Blogger was down. Those were great pictures and now they are gone.

What I wanted to ask, though, is if you would put an email subscription button on your blog. Feedblitz or feedburner offer them.

I like to subscribe to blogs by email. I don't use blog readers.

Noël De Vries said...

okay, sal, you asked for it. let me know if it works... i have no idea if i did it right or not.

glad you liked the photos. i am now addicted to picnik's 1960-ish feature. it shows the world through whole new eyes. kind of like i'm hoping the typewriter will twist my writing. we'll see.

so how is your agent treating you these days?

i'm not getting much (read: any) writing done. today is day #1 potty train a 2 y/o day for me. etc.

sally apokedak said...

Thanks for the email sign-up.

The agent is about to send the book out (I think. I hope. The wheels move soooooo slowly. But I won't complain. I'd rather be waiting for the agent to send my manuscript out than potty training. You're young, though, and still have energy for two-year-olds.

I'm not getting much writing done, myself. If you ever want to join a required participation crit group, to have your feet held to the fire, let me know.