Fiction Fast

Heads up: I'll be fasting from fiction this month.

Hard (!) as that is, I think it's good to forbear once in a while ... it definitely rejuvenates my prose appreciation. June 1st will find me jumping up and down at the sight of a novel. Have you had that reaction lately?

And it will give me 31 days of distraction-free focus on the most important book ever printed. I'll also get to a bit of non-fiction that's been sitting on my shelf:

His Chosen Bride: Applying Proverbs 31 as a Single Young Woman, by Jennifer J. Lamp

Miracles, by C.S. Lewis

How to Know the Will of God, by Knofel Staton

A Woman's High Calling, by Elizabeth George

I'll still blog, but there won't be any reviews, obviously. I'm wrapping Eva Ibbotson's The Reluctant Heiress in pretty paper and putting a big bow on top. Happy birthday to me on June 1st!

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