Marchen Tea

To celebrate Willem Grimm's birthday and Once Upon A Time Day, we held a Marchen Tea. (Extra points for German translation.) Everyone read their favorite fairy tale aloud ... I read Blue Beard. I've loved that story since reading it in a little red hardcover collection at my grandmother's house, years and years ago. My family says I have morbid taste. Be that as it may.
Pictured below: Chai Cupcakes and Mint Brownie Tarts.


Erin said...

Oh, that looks like such fun.

And YUM to the second picture!

Sherry said...

Erin forgot to mention that her family (and friends) often mention that she has morbid taste, as well. ;)

Noel De Vries said...


sally apokedak said...

you forgot to put the umlaut over the a in marchen.

I wish I lived close to you so I could come to your teas. And I could play parts in your movies.

Are there any fat upper middle-aged women in Narnia? heh heh

I'm kidding, I can't act. I hate to act. I'd rather die than be up on a stage with people looking at me.