ALA Youth Media Awards!!!!

Me sitting in front of my computer watching twitter updates was like my dad sitting in front of the TV watching the Superbowl (more on that tomorrow).

Shrieks of joy:

JELLICOE ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yelling at the officials:

WHAT?!? Poems of Cuba's Struggle for Freedom?!?! Nation?? ARE YOU CRAZY?

It was so much fun.

And then the long-drumrolled Newbery revelation:

The Graveyard Book.


Interesting. A "fun" Newbery.

Veeerrrry interesting, after all the talk about inaccessible winners. I'm buying it today, then.

Honors: The Underneath. I got that one right, at least.

And Savvy!!!!!!!

I stayed up late reading Savvy JUST LAST NIGHT!! I LOVED it!!! How cool. As I was reading it, I thought, wouldn't it be funny if this got something? And it did!!

I've never liked the Printz much, so it was weird to have read 4 of the 5 selections (Nation, Tender Morsals, Frankie, and JELLICOE ROAD!!!) and to ADORE the winner.

The Morris winner, also: A Curse Dark as Gold. So cool to have interviewed the author before she was officially hot ticket.

My faith in humanity (at least, the ALA committee) has been restored.

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