The Stolen Coin: A Play in Three Parts

The Stolen Coin is proof that I've always had writing talent :)

It was written by my best friend and me when we were ten years old (that's us, age six. I'm the blonde.). Written, performed, and canonized, all in an hour--child prodigies, indeed.

Note original spelling. Also note that the “idenical" twins were of course played by us: a Scandinavian blonde and a Hawaiian brunette.


Idenical twins
Sarah & Anna Mcartny-
14 yrs. Old
Blonde hair, blue eye’s

Carrie Mcartny-
1 yr. Old
Blonde hair, blue eye’s

Meagan Cleds-
15 yrs. Old
Brown hair, green eye’s

Miss Gillson-
38 yrs. old
Gray hair, brown eye’s

Note: Miss Gillson can be a pretend person if there is not unough people. Sarah, Anna, Carrie and Meagan have to be real.


Sarah – What did you do Carrie?
Anna – She made a hugemungas mess!! Mom is going to kill us!
Sarah – All we did was walk over to the phone, dail the #, and order a pizza!! Great.
Anna – How can such a small girl make such a big mess?!
Sarah – I guess we’ll learn, Anna.
Anna – You said detectives know everything, Sarah!
Sarah – Well, (inaruted with the phone)
Anna – I’ll get it!Hello?
Friend – Yes, Anna? I am calling because my dance teatcher, Mrs. Gillson, was just robbed!
Anna – Pss, Sarah! Get the note book! O.K, what was she robed of?
Friend – A coin.
Anna – A coin?!!
Friend – Yea, a coin. You ever herd of a penny?
Anna – Come on, I have better things to do then joke.
Friend – I’m not joking! Pennys are werth 1 cent, right? Well this coin was werth a million dollors!!!
Anna – Whoa! O.K, now I need the facts. When, where, time, that stuff.
Friend – Um, yesterday, u, ballat class, u, 3:00 pm.
Anna – O.K, let me write this down. Sarah can talk, K?
Sarah – Hi! Whats up, Liz?
Liz - a mystery.
Sarah – Cool. Look, Carrie’s getting things everywhere, gotta go! Bye, Liz.
Liz - Bye. (hang up)
Anna – Looks like we got a mystery, Sarah!
Sarah – Let’s call mom.
Anna – O.K, you can.
Sarah – Hi. Mom? Are you busy?
Mom - No. Why?
Sarah – I was wondering if you could watch Carrie for a while. We have another mystery.
Mom - O.K. That’s fine with me, I miss my baby.
Sarah – 5 min.?
Mom - Sure. Love ya, bye.
Anna – Sarah! Before mom gets home we gotta pick up Carrie’s mess!
Sarah – Oh yeah! Hurry!
(whail picking up)
Anna – U Sarah?
Sarah – Yes?
Anna – Where’s Carrie?
Sarah – Oh no! lets go check the slide!
Anna – Good idea! You know how shes addictade to slides.
Sarah – there she is! That goober head!!
Anna – (get’s up and gets her) Ma’ma’s coming home!
Sarah – I hear moms car. I’ll take Carrie to her. Be right back, Anna.


Anna – O.K. lets look over the clues.
Sarah – What do we have so far?
Anna – The robrey tuke place at Chigo’s Ballat Jr. Theater. June 26th. 3:00 p.m. Female.
Sarah – How do you know it was a female?
Anna – We used to take from Miss Gillson. She only teaches girls!
Sarah – Oh yeah. I forgot.

(at this point there is a part crossed out:
Sarah – I’m hungry.
Anna – so am I.
Sarah – lets get a cookie.
Anna – K. I’ll get them. Be right back, Sarah.)

Anna – Let’s take a trip to the Jr. Ballat on our bikes.
Sarah – O.K. lets go! (ride over to pateo)
Anna – Look – there is someone practicing. It’s Meagen Cleds! The famous Jr. Ballat dancer!!
Sarah – Yo you. Megan. Megan. MEGAN.
Meagan – Oh sorry. (crossed out: I have to practice so I can go to the finals)
Anna – Did you hear about the robbery Meagen?
Meagan – U, um, u, no?
Sarah – You dident?!? I thought everyone would know by now.
Meagan – U, not me.
Anna – Well, we’re going to find the person no matter what!
Meagan – No matter what?
Sarah – Yup. And no one is going to stop us. And I mean NO ONE!
Anna – Well, see ya later Meagan. Bye.
Sarah – I wonder if she did it. She seemed really uptight.
Anna – Maybe.
Sarah – Lets check her locker room just to be sure.
Anna – Hey! Look! (hold up the coin)
Meagan – DROP IT!!!
Sarah – No way!! (Megan pulls gun out) Ahhhhh-. Run for it and don’t forget the coin!
Anna – I’ll drop it in the bushes!
Sarah – O.K. Hurry

Sarah – heres your coin Mrs Gillson.
Thank you very much. heres 10 dollars each.Both – Thanks!


Erin said...

Ok, wow, I laughed out loud so many times reading that.

Fave line:
"Mom - O.K. That’s fine with me, I miss my baby."

It's all so, so great though. ;)

Noel De Vries said...

Yeah ... Carrie had to be created when my mom made us watch my little sister as we "played." We were not playing! We were writing! Geez.

You should see the songs we wrote in ninth grade. Or not. :)

Noel De Vries said...

Forgot to mention one of my favorite lines ... "music teatcher."

Marie DeVries said...

:D That was fun to read.

I tend to get jobs when I'm writting, too... I have to hide somewhere to write in peace :P

Erin said...

Now I wanna see the songs....

Britt said...

I Love:
That the twins are supposed to look just like you and the villian looks like me..

That we had to call our mom to come watch our sister..

That we had a slide coming out of the side of our house.

That even back then we were yearning to be older than we were.

That Megan pulls a gun on us. And we ran away, and tricked her by throwing the huge penny into the bushes. Not so bright, that Meagan =-)

But I can't remember .. did you play double roles? Who played Meagan?