Kidz Book Buzz Blog Tour: The Diamond of Darkhold, Day 3


Er, book.

That's right, I'm giving away an ARC of Jeanne Du Prau's Diamond of Darkhold to one lucky reader.

All you have to do is this:

In the novel, several characters are named after famous "ancient" cities ... Scawgo, Washton, New Yorick. Evidently, the passing years weren't kind to the memories of these great places.

So your task is to rename yourself with a convoluted city-name from our past: Pears, Juicelum, you get the idea.

Robbie puts all entries into a hat, and the winning entry recieves The Diamond of Darkhold.

You have until midnight Friday. Let the games begin!


cuileann said...

Sanarafsco. After my beeyootiful hometown of San Francisco.

sally apokedak said...

Don't put me in the hat--I already own the book. But I want to play.

I will be Bomb-bay.

No, that sounds too much like Bombay. I was trying to pervert Pompeii.

So how about Carthitch?

Marie DeVries said...

I already have the book as well, but here is my city:


I hope that makes sense...

Paradox said...

How about Phil Delvia?

Robbie said...

Well, now that I've held you all in suspense (I was gone during the weekend) we have a winner!

The lucky name pulled out of the hat was Sanarafsco!

Robbie said...

So, Cuileann, if you could email Noel (her contact info is right there on the sidebar) with your snail mail address then I can send you the book.

Marie DeVries said...

yea for Cuileann!!

Paradox said...

Hello? Did you forget this contest? Winners were never announced. I've been coming back nearly every day to see if you've posted them and they are never here.

Noel De Vries said...

Hey, paradox, I'm sorry it wasn't made clear. Cuileann was the winner ... my brother Robbie pulled her entry "Sanarafsco" out of a hat.

I'm giving away another book next Wednesday, though. "Something Wicked." Come back then!