Kidz Book Buzz Blog Tour: The Diamond of Darkhold, Day 2

In The Diamond of Darkhold, two children discover a jewel capable of bringing electricity to the people of Ember and Sparks.

Science was never my strong subject, so here's Robbie to explain what that's all about.

Okay, those of you who have read the book are probably all interested in solar power, so I'll explain just a little bit about it.

The solar panel that you see in the diagram uses photovoltaic cells, also known as PV cells. These cells take light from the sun and convert it into an electric current. Calculators that have solar panels on them use PV cells.

The charge controller regulates the amount of electricity that gets sent to the battery. This prevents overcharging, which can shorten the battery life and reduce the battery's performance.

The battery system is what stores all of the energy until it is ready for use. DC power is for battery operated electronics only. The inverter converts the energy from DC power to AC power, which is what the outlets in your house use.


Marie DeVries said...

I understand solar power a little more now, thanks!

sally apokedak said...

Fascinating, Robbie!

And guess who built a house twenty years ago, run by photovoltaic panels?

Check out the interview at Through the Looking Glass

Christy said...

Great post! I really enjoyed this one!

Bellezza said...

I think I'll stick to fiction, despite your efforts. Science is never my forte. ;)

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