Post-Wodehouse Musings

Just finished my first Wodehouse (the only Wodehouse the library had). As a whole, The Plot That Thickened isn't impressive, but the prose, man. The prose!

Wodehouse's knowledge of literature is enough to make one weep ... he randomly mentions a business man importing "ivory, apes and peacocks." Today I listened to II Chronicles and heard with incredulity that Solomon imported "ivory, apes and peacocks."

"Go, woman," one character tells his wife, "go and sin no more."

That same wife is called out of town just when her husband is lamenting her hold over his diet. He stares dazedly into space, and then murmurs, "I do believe in fairies!"

For every reference I'm not including, there are probably three I didn't even catch. The fun thing is, Wodehouse's voice is exactly the voice I was hearing, albeit faintly and with miles less flourish, for a character in my book. Wonderful resource!


Erin said...

Ya know, I really can't wait to read your book. ;)

Noel De Vries said...

Ya know, niether can I.


Erin said...