Writing Quote: Stephenie Meyer

In keeping with my current obsession, a quote on writing from the author of the Twilight Saga:

If you love to write, then write. Don't let your goal be having a novel published, let your goal be enjoying your stories. However, if you finish your story and you want to share it, be brave about it. Don't doubt your story's appeal. If you are a good reader, and you know what is interesting, and your story is interesting to you, then trust in that. If I would have realized that the stories in my head would be as intriguing to others as they were to me, I would probably have started writing sooner. Believe in your own taste.


Erin said...

You are making me want to read New Moon. I'll have to pick it up in January (post-Cybils).

Noel De Vries said...


Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?

I think the Twilight series is one of those love it or hate it sagas. Character driven, rather than plot driven, which divides a lot of people. But it has made me pick up my writing again, which is huge!

Janet Rubin said...

What a wonderful encouraging quote. I'm going to link to you, Noel!!