while reading the wind in the willows...

...we were inspired by Mr Toad.

Lines scribbled during breakfast with/for my youngest brother (10)... spawning tears of laughter...

Ten millionaires may carry
Their money to the bank,
Still, they can't hold a candle to
The wealth of Mr Hank

A wooden spoon quite often
Gives naughty boys a spank.
But never spoon has touched the rump
Of perfect Mr Hank

Other men need soap or else
Their skin begins to stank.
But only smells of daffodils
Exude from Mr Hank

The wise men were confounded--
Their minds completely blank.
Who solved the age-old riddle?
The brilliant Mr Hank.

Who is that buff young Samson,
With muscles like a tank?
"I only press nine hundred,"
Protests the humble Hank.

Adonis lived in ancient Greece--
Now let me be quite frank.
The man's a warty toad beside
Our handsome Mr Hank.

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