one thousand gifts, norway, excerpt, week nine

Driving tour with an Irish Ms. Bates
Viking cairns
Lungfulls of sea air
A thermos of milky tea and biscuits shared in the car, parked beside the water
Crispy chips (aka french fries) and leaf steak at a seaside convenience store
A starfish left by the tide
Dark chocolate and peanut butter
Waking in the night to see the full moon streaming through the window
Speaking to the 13 year old in Lithuanian, her mother tongue, and her reply: "Was that French?" (Note to self: must work on accent)
All the little children gone for the day... a deliciously quiet house
Curled up on the sofa with a mug of coffee and home on the phone
Tiny frozen blueberries over millet for breakfast
A letter from a friend
A sudden, brief downpour
Singing Norsk hymns in a state church
A black gospel soloist from Chicago, and my N. Irish friend saying, "fancy her being from the same county as you!" (We call them states in America, love ;-)
Purple crocus
A flight to Switzerland tomorrow morning

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