one thousand gifts, norway, excerpt, week four

Drops of water in the branches like strings of fairy twinkle lights
Sailboats draped in winter tarps
Blue is the perfect color for a sky
I have made mistakes, by the oh hellos
Drying my hair by the friendly, crackling little fire in my wood stove
Three bowls of fish stew
A bus trip to the library
Mistaken for a student by the bus driver
Cat nap
A spoonful of honey for dessert
Encouraging myself in the Lord via Psalms and ear buds
Two weeks until March!
Clean laundry
Watching raindrops splash into puddles like small explosions
Slicing smoked salmon
Clasping a mug of hot tea between my hands
A Norwegian dad named Odd
A long walk in the blinding sun
Picket fence shadows all along the road
Life is as serious as I want it to be
Finishing Abide in Christ
Hearing a message arrive in my inbox as I read
Glancing outside to see a stray cat
Frittering away the whole afternoon watching Harriet Vane and Lord Peter


Holly said...

I clicked over to your blog on accident and didn't expect to see anything recent...these were a pleasant surprise. What is the project?

Noël De Vries said...

Hello, there... I'll reply in email form... Same address, I hope...