east or west

Breakfast was so pleasant. Then, briskly, and still talking,  Laura and Carrie did the dishes and went upstairs to make the beds. While they were tucking in a sheet, Laura said, "Carrie, do you ever think how lucky we are to have a home like this?"

Carrie looking around her in surprise. There was nothing to be seen except the two beds, the three boxes under the eaves where they kept their things, and the underside of the shingles overhead. There was also the stovepipe that came up through the floor and went out through the roof.

"It is snug," Carrie said, while they spread the first quilt and folded and tucked in its corners. "I guess I never did think, exactly."

"You wait till you go away," Laura said. "Then you'll think."

-Laura Ingalls Wilder, These Happy Golden Years


Erin said...

mm, i quite like this.

Noël De Vries said...

it's been a rainy spring, here, chain-reading laura ingalls wilder out loud.