Waiting for the Newberys...

...guessing they will be random, not-too-familiar faces after the (obvious) awesomeness that was Newbery 2010. (When You Reach Me, Homer P. Figg, Calpurnia Tate)

It's weird, not having read much MG this year. Or YA, for that matter. I'm all at sea. One Crazy Summer didn't really make an impression on me, but it probably did on the judges. Perhaps Keeper? A nice surprise would be Crunch. But we'll soon see.

Kind of sad, not really caring about the winners this year. I remember the way I screamed in 2009, reading the tweet, "Printz 2009: “Jelicoe Road,” written by Melina Marchetta"

My entire family came running. They thought I was dying.

Nope. Just the best book ever written, getting its just desserts.

EDIT: Huh. Moon over Manifest, by Clare Vanderpool. It actually looks quite good.

"Turtle in Paradise," by Jennifer L. Holm
"Heart of a Samurai," written by Margi Preus
"Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the Night," written by Joyce Sidman
"One Crazy Summer," by Rita Williams-Garcia

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