Scoop of the e-e-evening: The Night Fairy

The night fairy
By Laura Amy Schlitz

by Adeline
age 9

I liked the book because I like fairy’s and there was a fairy in it..... Probably my favorite thing about the book was that everything turned out good. Even though the bat thought she was something to eat, her wings grew back. She got to fly on the hummingbird and she made friends with a lot of the creatures. The scariest part was when the hummingbird got caught in a spider web, and Flory went to put a blanket on her eggs so they would keep warm. But before she got to the nest, a preying mantis was about six inches from the nest. Flory had to fight it with a dagger that was a thorn. Flory won. My favorite character was ether Flory (the night fairy) or the Hummingbird or Skuggle, the squirrel. I don’t know though. I would recommend this book to nine and eight year old girls. If it was five dollars I would buy this book.

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That last cute.