Two Jane things I'm excited about today:

The October novel, Jane, by April Lindner. "What if Jane Eyre fell in love with a rock star?"

"Forced to drop out of an esteemed East Coast college after the sudden death of her parents, Jane Moore takes a nanny job at Thornfield Park, the estate of Nico Rathburn, an iconic rock star on the brink of a huge comeback. Practical and independent, Jane reluctantly becomes entranced by her magnetic and brooding employer, and finds herself in the midst of a forbidden romance. But there's a mystery at Thornfield, and Jane's much-envied relationship with Nico is tested by a torturous secret from his past. Part irresistible romance and part darkly engrossing mystery, this contemporary retelling of the beloved classic Jane Eyre promises to enchant a new generation of readers."

And the revised cast list for Focus Feature's new Jane Eyre. Mia Wasikowska? This could be good. I'm not crossing my fingers, but I'm waiting with piqued expectation.

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Erin said...

Well, I certainly love that picture, for starters.

And that novel sounds ver interesting...