Kidz Book Buzz Blog Tour: Sand to Stone and Back Again

A review of Sand to Stone and Back Again by my 11-year-old brother.

I think they did a very good job describing the different pictures, showing how over time, rock and earth change, just like humans change. I love the picture of an arch that used to be a wall, but the inside was weaker and crumbled into a beautiful arch, just like the Romans used to make.

My favorite photo is of the limestone mittens. I think the page is balanced by the mittens on each side and the moon in the middle.

Moving on to the waterfall, I love it because it’s just like a Lego set you can get, with jagged edges for plants to grow on, and darker rock where the water hits.

I also like the Mexican hat. It’s awesome how it’s just balanced, without any support.

I like how they describe the sandstorms, how the sand gets piled into mounds, and forms dunes. I also like the picture of the Grand Canyon. That is truly amazing. Someday I would like to go there. If I was standing at the edge, I would jump. It would be like flying, until you hit the bottom.

(Obviously, the child reads too much Calvin and Hobbs. What can I say.)

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sally apokedak said...

Loved this review! Thanks for playing along. I hope you will do more guest spots on Noel's blog. Good writing runs in the family, I can see.