bright star

finally saw bright star, and am in love, naturally. the score, the cinematography, the poetry.

and keats himself: perhaps most schoolgirls were introduced long ago, but I like having a different train table, making discoveries on my own, though later.

such as his theory of negative capability. "when man is capable of being in uncertainties, Mysteries, doubts without any irritable reaching after fact & reason."

christians of course understand this, but so do anti-christians like Phillip Pullman. that respect for mystery, one of o'connor's great emphases, is the place writers should seek to begin if they wish to write of Mysteries.

i was thinking about this after a discussion of ambiguous vs. straightforward christian art.

if the meaning is inescapable, there is less chance of both christian and non-christian enjoying the work. they operate on different worldviews, and draw distinct conclusions. whereas, much great art of the past is so layered, there is room for the Holy Spirit to reveal truth and beauty to both, promising more to both.

someone wondered how more christians don't view their mission as perpetuating uncertainties.

i like that very much.

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Marie DeVries said...

oooo... the soundtrack. is. gorgeous.