close your eyes and you can see

It's my last night at the library.

8:00, quiet, empty rooms, I walk through the stacks and listen to my boots click against the floor, feeling like Kathleen Kelly in those final moments before she closes The Shop Around the Corner. It's Christmastime, even. No Harry Nilsson playing overhead, though.

Eyes trailing the shelves, thinking of that Montgomery poem about swaying an airy kingdom in my little book-lined room.

But I am coming back, and in the meantime... Life!

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Baley Petersen said...

Close Your Eyes!!!! My absolute favorite childhood book. My father bought it for me and presented it to me on a beach vacation. He loved the illustrations so much because the child--just enough androgynous to be male or female--looks like I did. Thank you thank you thank you for alluding to the one of the best stories of my childhood.