Would a Renaissance woman blog every week (query)

Things I'm doing while this blog dwindles, peaks and pines:

1) Watching Lost in Austen. Slightly mad, but funny.

2) Having shingles. Not. Fun.

3) Learning how to deal with a flat all on my own in the middle of nowhere on the way to visit Marie at college.

4) Putting five new-to-me D.E. Stevensons on hold for a British-binge night (coming soon).

5) Violin pedagogery: researching ways to teach my newest students, ages 6 and 58, while transcribing and organizing Christmas music for the other eight.

6) Buying a wool-lined raincoat for walking beside the Thames.

7) Feeling overwhelmed, bored, out-of-my-mind excited, blasé ... which is to say, living life.


S. Mehrens said...

Oooh! Which D.E. Stevenson books?

Noel De Vries said...

Bel Lamington, The House on the Cliff, The Blue Sapphire, Miss Buncle's Book, The Four Graces, and Listening Valley.