On my Nightstand for October

Mmm, another month with sticky, toffee stories to look forward to.

After my lovely Lady Julia jaunt last month, I’m going to try another period series: And Only to Deceive. It looks intriguing. The author was inspired by Gaudy Night. What more must I say?

I’m still plugging away at Anna Karenina—finished book one!

Heard a lot about Fat Cat earlier this summer, and it’s finally coming out this month.

Now this one I am incredibly excited to read. A Brief History of Montmoray. Look it up. Stay tuned. Prepare for brilliance. (It’s being compared to I Capture the Castle. And the author is an Aussie.)

The other day I was listening to a Katherine Paterson speech I heard at the Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing. Her topic was Beauty in Stories. I fell with a crash that could be heard for miles. She is amazing. I’ve been prejudiced against Jacob Have I Loved ever since I saw the film version when I was twelve, and hated the story. But I’m going to give it another try. Because Katherine Paterson is amazing. Aren’t you glad children’s books can be read even when you’re not a child?

I’m reading Pollyanna to my little sister as our literature selection this month. Quite different from the Disney film, but quite enjoyable to my 8 year old audience.

And Relativism: Feet Firmly Planted in Midair. I’m in the middle of this one... meat city!

How about your nightstand?


Marie DeVries said...

I wonder at the number of books you are capable of reading in one month... anyway, :) here is what I plan to read next month :

Erin said...

I heart Aussie authors. Am definitely going to look that one up.

Sherry said...

Yes, to your comment about enjoying children's books at all ages. That is mostly what I read this month. I didn't read JHIL until a year or so ago. Loved it. And this month (maybe year)my favorite middle grade character was Gilly Hopkins.
I've been wanting to read Anna Karenina forever. Must get it this Christmas so that I will.