Jammy Blogs -- Book Blogger Appreciation Week

Inspired by Sarah at Library Hospital, I'm celebrating Book Blogger Appreciation Week by tipping my hat to ten blogs I follow. I appreciate their fun, their facts, their presence in this floating Laputa neighborhood that exists inside my head ... and yours. My reading just wouldn't be the same without a now-and-then post from:

bookshelves of doom
Always good for news and a smile.

A Library is a Hospital for the Mind
A fellow lover of Marple and Montgomery.

Miss Erin
Quiet lately, but worth straining your ears.

eating a tangerine
Succinct. And thought-provoking.

Fireside Musings
Booky cousin #1 (or, bookish, rather)

My Utopia
Bookish cousin #2

The Longstockings
A band of authors and their thoughts.

All About Children's Books
News and writerly tidbits.

Becky's Book Reviews
Never a bookless moment.

A Fuse #8 Production
Front-line librarian, information and entertainment hand in hand.

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