Sure. I see how it is.

You don't have time to read a drippingly-awesome novel like Cry, the Beloved Country, but you can photoshoot in front of the mirror. In your pajamas. With your long hair made to look like bangs.
I guess so.
It's just so fun!


brilynne said...

You would look good with bangs.

And your pajamas are spiffy.

And I couldn't get into Cry, the Beloved Country for the life of me, so it suits me for you to take pics as it pleases you.

I'm awfully surprised your force field has held up this long. :)

Noel De Vries said...


I just might get my hair cut. It's been heavy for so long ... like the photo, but with long layers, a style I saw a lot of in Kiev-- fine line between really cool and oops-I-tripped-while-weed-eating.

cuileann said...

Heck yes.
I do like you.