Comes and Goes Like Fitz and Dizzyspells

Saturday was

a good day.

Babysitting three of my cousins inspired the text for a 450-word picture book about three little girls, the Rosemary sisters: Thumbelinda, Kara Kate, and Pinky (my cousins helped with the names). The oldest Rosemary sisters, Thumbelinda (of the blonde hair) and Kara Kate (of the red) are two peas in a pod. Their younger sister Pinky watches them. It’s fun. I’ll be working on illustrations now.

Then, thanks to Mike Duran, I blew a chunk of money on Andrew Bird* and The Decemberists. Check out, if you don’t already like them.

Finally, in a grand golden fit of inspiration, I blocked a sizable portion of my new novel, and came up with a title I really like:

Goodly Wings.

Sufficiently fairytale-ish for a Beauty-meets-Jane-Eyre märchen rooted in Grimms’ Six Swans, with “goodly” providing a splash of the 17th-century setting I want. (The phrase is found in Job, fyi.)

I suppose if clever days came every day, we wouldn’t appreciate them. But I wouldn’t mind a few more frequent fitz.

*to whom I owe this post’s title


Maggie DeVries said...

btw, I loved the story


Kelly said...

I really like that title! I can imagine it on the shelves at the bookstore. :)

Erin said...

I like this post muchly.