Kidz Book Buzz Blog Tour: Crocodaddy (Dadly Games)

As I said in my review, I liked the concept in Crocodaddy — a dad playing with his son, pretending to be a crocodile as they swam together. I think a lot of fathers create games like Crocodaddy, so that aspect resonates when you bring out the book as a bedtime story.

Our dad created Tickle Pterodactyl. He played it with me, and he still plays it with the little ones, which means that for twenty years, the pterodactyl has raw! raw! rawed! snapping finger-jaws toward shrieking toddlers. (Shrieks of delight, of course.) Then, after releasing his prey, he has gone to sleep on the floor, peering through the slits of his tricksy eyes at the giggling faces inching closer … and closer … until it’s too late.

What animal games go on at your house?

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