Inside My Head (what a mess)

Images to spur the creation of my next novel, Nederland (working title). As my sidebar claims, it’s a “YA märchen set in 17th century Holland.” The six swans fairy tale? That’s my inspiration. Not a retelling. Just a springboard.

So, clockwise, beginning upper left: Hendrik, youngest of the swan brothers (and love interest). Reina, our heroine. Peiter, her father. Jantina, her (silent) mother. And half-sister to Hendrik. Arie, Reina’s older brother. (They have two other brothers, twins, who don’t come into the story much.) Magtel, the village grandmother/herb woman. Wanted Pieter to marry her daughter. Hilje. Aforementioned daughter, a cripple and the children’s nurse.


I know I am.

(Now, how many BBC faces do you recognize? ;)


Erin said...

I love the sound of this...!

Sarah M. said...

Lots of familiar faces, though I can't put a name to some of them... I recognize the top right guy was in Wives and Daughters... Where'd you hear about this?

Noel De Vries said...

He's Sean Bean, from National Treasure, Fellowship of the Ring, and (my brother's personal favorite) Zeus in the upcoming Lightning Thief film. Among many other things.

Where'd I hear about ... the story? It's one I'm writing. Out of me own head, miss. :)

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