Rant (heavily influenced by a reading hangover)

Mousy appearances may deceive, but reading addicts feel pain like everyone else.

Next-morning headaches, for one.

Got a new book from the library yesterday, and a juicy BBC period drama from Netflix. Did I let them lie, savoring the anticipation? Dip into a few chapters, then fold some laundry, all the while untangling plot and characters in my head? No. I watched the film, straight through, and then dove into the novel.

By 12:22 am, my binge was over. Silence. Nothing left to look forward to. Do people think we enjoy that feeling? It's gut-wrenching. In the unplumbed depths of our hearts, we wish we'd left a few chapters for tomorrow. But we cannot.

At least I'm admitting I have a problem. :)


Erin said...

Which book, and which movie?

Sarah M. said...

Echoing Erin here, which book, which movie? I know exactly how you feel!

Noel De Vries said...

Nosy parkers!


Book: The Spellman Files (via you, Erin.)

Film: North and South. BUT DISC ONE ONLY!!!! Torture until this weekend! Good stuff. (Um, does that even make sense?)

Maggie DeVries said...

you are so true. :]

cuileann said...

I had a strange feeling that it was North and South...