Kidz Book Buzz Blog Tour: The Year the Swallows Came Early (Cousinhood 2.0)

The Year the Swallows Came Early

Noel: So, whatdya want to talk about?

Marie: I don’t know.

Noel: Why do I always have to come up with the questions?

Marie: I don’t know.

Noel: You know, maybe I’ll just discuss the book with myself. It might generate more conversation.

Marie: Let’s talk about strawberries, then.

Noel: Excellent!

Marie: You know I made chocolate covered strawberries after I read Swallows.

Noel: Really? I thought about it as I read about Groovy making them. They sounded really good.

Marie: Yeah, a friend and I made them and I took pictures.

Noel: Did you add a swallow design in white chocolate, like Groovy does in the book?

Marie: No, we didn’t have any white chocolate. And we were impatient. We wanted to eat the strawberries.

Noel: So. What were your thoughts on the book as a whole?

Marie: I really liked how the same things were tied in throughout the story, like the strawberries and cooking school.

Noel: So it flowed well?

Marie: Yes. Exactly.

Noel: One thing I liked about Swallows was the fact that Groovy’s father didn’t go to jail for abusing anyone. That’s so common in fiction now. I was relieved to see an author show that people mess up in other areas of life.

Marie: I didn’t think about that.

Noel: I guess it’s just a breath of fresh air when something that could go the way of a million other stories veers onto a different path. But anyway, the author’s a member of Class 2k9, a group of authors who all have debut books coming out this year. They have a really great website with interviews and giveaways and stuff.

Marie: That’s cool.

Noel: I sure talk a lot more than you do in these things.

Noel: Hello? Are you there?

Marie: I’m sitting right next to you.

Noel: I realize that. But for all you’re saying, you may as well be in California.

Marie: Well, then what else would you like to talk about?

Noel: Oh, that’s brilliant. Make me ask the questions again.

Marie: Alright, then I’ll ask the question.

Noel: Finally.

Noel: Question?

Marie: Hold on a second. Okay, what do you think about Groovy’s mother’s reliance on horoscopes?

Noel: Ooh, great question. I loved that detail. Obviously, I’m not a fan of horoscopes, but I think it created a really original character. And in the end, readers were able to see horoscopes for what they really are.

Noel: Marie, do not make me type ellipses again.


Noel: Marie!!


sally apokedak said...

ha ha

what a couple of goofballs.

I loved that her mother looked for wisdom in horoscopes and for comfort in a deep conditioning. I loved her shiny toenails. Because after all that, she called Groovy, baby, and she meant it. She loved her daughter and she wanted to protect her daughter.

I thought she was a wonderfully drawn character.

And I was glad to see her grow, too.

Christy said...

The book was really good, I have to admit. And I just happened to be at Marie's house when these strawberries were made. They looked really good. But I don't eat strawberries :( Or else I'm sure I'd have had plenty.