Tuesday Trivia

How well do you know your childrens' books? Leave a comment with your answers!

What name did Russell and Lillian Hoban bestow upon their heroic badger?

What smelly John Erickson creation is Head of Security at M-Cross Ranch?

What children’s author tapped out Circus Shoes, Movie Shoes, Theater Shoes, Dancing Shoes and Ballet Shoes?

Answers to last Tuesday's weekly trivia:

Are you my mother?



Congratulations Marie and Erin!


dance said...
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Marie DeVries said...

I am on a downward spiral. Last Tuesday I knew one, this week, I know none off the top of my head.

sally apokedak said...

very cool. I'm going to have to keep coming back on Tuesdays.

I only know the answer to number three here.

Noel De Vries said...

And that answer is ... ?

Sherry said...

Miss E and I collaborated together on the answer to the first one. Frances. (I remembered the books and she remembered the name.)

Third question answer: Noel Streatfeild

Erin said...

what mom said about the second one. :)
and the third: Noel Streatfeild, of course!!

Bellezza said...

Alas, all I know is Francis. I remember seeing Ballet Shoes on the shelf when I was a kid, but never reading it.