Kidz Book Buzz Blog Tour: Just Grace and the Snack Attack

It's time for another blog tour:

Just Grace and the Snack Attack
by Charise Mericle Harper
Ages 6-9
176 pages

From the publisher:

After reading this new book about Just Grace you will know how to . . .
1. turn your favorite potato chips into a tasty chipwich.
2. draw and fold up your very own zine, which is a cool little book made from only one piece of paper.
3. look for and use the special powers of the wish chip.

This book will not help you know how to . . .
1. do fancy hairstyles for your cat.
2. make a flower garden in your room.
3. bake a four- or even five-layer cake.
But this book might make you feel a little bit hungry, and if it does, then you will know you are having a “snack attack” just like Grace!

Move over Judy Moody, Amber Brown and Clementine, there's a new spunky third grader on the block!

Come back tomorrow for a review from my eight year old sister, and Wednesday for instructions on how to make your own zine, just like the cover promises.

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Priya said...

Just going through all the blogs on the tour... looking forward to that review! :D