Do you have the "Shoe" books?

My dad took me to B&N this morning to spend time and money on books, but the highlight of my day was a gorgeous Kathleen Kelly moment.

There were no employees in the Children's Corner, and this guy (young and cute, btw) called over his shoulder to his friend, "I need to find somebody who works here, I've got to find those Shakespeare For Kids books. I don't even know who they're by."

I couldn't help myself. I peeked over the top of a book and said, "Lois Burdett."

"Huh?" He turned, pausing midstep.

"Lois Burdett wrote the Shakespeare For Kids books."

"Oh." He came closer. "B-U-R?"


He smiled. "Thanks. I love you."
"No problem," I replied. "I'm a librarian."

Why oh why wasn't I wearing my shirt? Of course, that would have required me to rip off my coat, which would have been slightly startling and creepy. But still.


Sarah M. said...

LOL, that's a GREAT story. I love the shirt too, btw.

Erin said...

Oh that ROCKS. I LOVE that.

Marie DeVries said...

:P Great story!