Random Book-Related Facts Meme

I'm not sure why the rules don't mention that this is a book-related meme, but here are my seven random book-related facts:

1. Growing up, my best friend's family allowed books at the dinner table. Mine did not. This irritated me.

2. In my nearly 22-year lifetime, I have watched two films that were better than the book they were based on: The Princess Diaries and The Princess Bride. Moral: read the book.

3. In my novel The Jonah Bottle, I have so many inside jokes that I can't keep track of them. For example, the children's aunt's name is Hildegarde, inspired by the opening lines of Nesbit's Story of the Treasure Seekers:

"There are some things I must tell before I begin to tell about the treasure-seeking, because I have read books myself, and I know how beastly it is when a story begins, "Alas!" said Hildegarde with a deep sigh, "we must look our last on this ancestral home"--and then some one else says something--and you don't know for pages and pages where the home is, or who Hildegarde is, or anything about it."

4. Places I keep my books: behind clothes in my wardrobe, on a shelf above my closet, on a shelf inside my closet, on my desk, under my bed, on a shelf above my windows. That's just my bedroom.

5. I read myself to sleep every night.

6. I've worked as a children's librarian since I was seventeen. It was kind of obvious by then.

7. Because I spend most of my time with fictional characters, the seven friends I'm tagging don't have blogs. One of them doesn't even have a surname. However, you can still visit them.

I tag:

Valancy Stirling
Jo March
Mary Lennox
Lucy Pevensie
Harriet Vane
Vicky Austin

Thanks to Sally.


Marie DeVries said...

I wish I could read at the table, every time I try, it doesn't go over so well.

I like all your 'inside jokes', they make the story a lot more fun... especially for anyone who 'gets' them (like in The Penderwicks on Gardam Street... I found several in that book!)

you must have a LOT of books...

I like your seven friends... I never would have thought of linking to them... :D

sally apokedak said...


First you tell me your brother is on restriction from reading non-school books, and now you tell me you weren't allowed to read at the dinner table. I'm getting a picture of your mother that is not too attactive. She's looking a little like Miss Minchin.