Longstockings on Writing

Scrumptious post. The comments, too.

"With my first novel, I wanted the story to unfold as organically as possible, and the world to be as fully-developed as possible. I had a cast of thousands, with subplots and back-stories for pretty much every character."

My Jonah Bottle is the same way; I've been working on it since I was 18. But I can already feel that the Dutch fairy tale on my back burner will be written so differently. It has stewed.

"...I wonder also how much the change in my writing style was due to a change in my goals. With the first book, I was writing a book I wanted to read, and when I started I really didn't know anything about how it was going to go. With this new one, I have a story I want to tell, but I don't need to read the book because myself I already know how it turns out. Maybe that makes it easier to cut to the chase?"

I love this question: "How have the circumstances of your life changed what you write: not just processes and habits, but "topics and perspective and I-don't-know-what.""


Marie DeVries said...

Well, I dont know what happened in my life to cause it, but my writing style has changed a lot. My first story was very long, and over descriptive, I think. The first draft of my second 'novel' is much shorter and to the point. I cannot wait to finish typing it and then go back to the beginning for revisions.

Kathryne B Alfred said...

Glad you liked the post!