You Asked for Photos

Nanny Noel and her three charges
Toilet stall doors at the Amsterdam airportSt. Michael's
Matryoshka dolls Replica of an old Russian church
Playing the the leaves
Me in Independence Square, seat of the Orange Revolution
My room
Our house in Kiev
Food in Ukraine (that's milk in the white and blue bag)
The market


sally apokedak said...

Great pictures, Noel.

And those three kids in the first picture--I mean the expressions they have in the first picture--look like they'd make great characters for a novel, don't they?

Loved the Russian churches. What a great trip? Were you struck by the sense of history there? The US seems so young compared to everywhere else in the world, doesn't it?

Noel De Vries said...

Yeah, I could pretty much write a new novel, now.


I loved Kiev. It was old and new squashed together, reminded me of Chicago, only older and dirtier. We ARE young, here. And we forget it. I saw the foundation of a church from 1100. Traveling to Europe puts Americans in their place, maybe.