Small Town Girl

Just how small is my town?

Before work this morning, I ran to Wal-Mart, the closest/only place to snag a couple of copies of Breaking Dawn. (Most libraries use Baker and Taylor … we’re odd.)

I walked in: no sign of breathless girls, screaming over their new Stephenie Meyer. In fact, no sign of the new Stephenie Meyer at all. When I asked where I might find Breaking Dawn, the associate gave me a blank stare. “What’s that?”

“A book. A new book that came out today.”

She shrugged and went to inquire of the manager, who went to rummage in the “back,” and who finally emerged triumphant with a copy of Breaking Dawn!

“Oh,” I apologized, “I should have told you, I need two copies. They’re for the public library.”

She disappeared again, and a few minutes later appeared with another book. “You’re in luck,” she told me, smiling. “We bought two copies.”

Needless to say, that made me laugh pretty hard inside. Two whole copies for an entire town! :)Lucky me.


Natasha @ Maw Books said...

I went to walmart this morning at seven to buy my copy (I'm not 150 pages in and taking a break) and there were two huge pallets right in the front with signs everywhere. Your town does sound small. There are thousands of people on hold at the library, I decided if I wanted it anytime soon I would have to buy it.

Noel De Vries said...

Ah, the joys of working at a library. I placed my own hold before anyone was thinking of holds. :) Perhaps a bit unethical ... but librarians have trouble spending their own money on books. ;) I'm on page 75.

Erin said...

Oh wow. Too funny.

cuileann said...

Ha! :) That's quite funny. I had no idea libraries bought books from Walmart, either!

Erin said...

Sure, we can compare notes about the might be another week though before I finish/read Breaking Dawn.

Marie DeVries said...

That is hilarious! only two copies?