Define "Slightly"

I’ve been happy with "slightly abridged" versions of Eva Ibbotson’s work before. The Star of Kazan is superb on CD, despite the warning that it’s slightly abridged.

So picture my fury at picking up a hard copy of The Dragonfly Pool and sticking in my earbuds with a fancy to compare the two, only to realize that this time, some editor was way out of line.

Enter angry eyes.

Forget everything I said about The Dragonfly Pool being meh. Evidently, the novel I listened to was the diet, caffeine-free, off-brand version. I’m reserving judgment til I taste the real Eva Ibbotson.



Marie DeVries said...

Oh no! The same thing happened to me with the Chronicles of Narnia. We have some abridged version on CDs that we sometime listen to. I was quite surprised when I began reading them earlier this year when they we SO different.

What is the point of 'abridged versions' anyway?

Noel De Vries said...

Fewer hours to pay a narrator, fewer CDs to burn. It's all about the money, honey.