Mission Aborted

I won’t deny it: Hugh Dancy is the reason I finally picked up Ursula Le Guin. Color me shallow, but I bet I wasn’t the only girl who crept into the SciFi section after seeing The Jane Austen Book Club. He should offer classes—“Tired of praising your favorite titles, only to watch patrons turn around and grab any random novel? Let me help you convince anyone to try that special book!”

So I read The Lathe of Heaven (mentioned in the movie). It wasn’t half bad. As dystopian novels go, it was quite good. I’m not usually picky when it comes to genres—I read pretty much anything … Nancy Drew, Bleak House, Eragon, Twilight. But then I started The Left Hand of Darkness (also mentioned in the movie). And I cannot finish it. Who knows, my perfectionist, complete-what-you-start neurosis might kick in tomorrow, but as of right now, Ursula Le Guin is taking a back seat.

Sorry, Hugh/Luke. I did bring her books into my home. That counts for something, right?

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