Lulu Spur

Since finishing the first draft of my novel in February, I've ignored the warty mess. Hours and hours of editing crouched at my door, but I chose to think about other things.

However, I was finally bitten again, and began pottering. I'm up to chapter seven (of fifteen). But it's only pottering.

Then today, I remembered my spur.

I'm not against publishing. I mean, I would love to get my novel published. Who wouldn't? But honestly, I'm writing the book for myself and my siblings. The publishing world is a gritty place, and pooh-pooh as it may sound, I'm content to sit by the hearth and read my lines from a lone, jacket-less hardcover.

Enter Lulu.

I would never attempt self-publishing. Yikes. However, just as I adore kits like Creations By You, I adore the idea of having a twenty-dollar, hard copy of The Jonah Bottle for my very own. So the spur in my side, the treat goading me toward the finish line, is a Lulu hardcover for my personal bookshelf.

Get to work, Noel!


Erin said...

Do you think you'll attempt publication, though? Or not...

Noel De Vries said...

Someday, yes. At this point, though, the thought of all those query letters and sample chapters and rejection slips is enough to make me sigh.

Once I'm distanced from the book, then maybe I'll be ready to set my teeth and plow forward. We'll see!