Camp Narnia

The library where I work never uses prefab summer reading programs. In a way, that’s good, because we can be creative and aren’t locked in by what the State chooses. On the other hand, I’m the one who plans the programs. Lots of work. The past three years, we’ve hosted Art Camps, where kids learn about famous artists and then create projects in the styles of those artists. This summer, in honor of Prince Caspian’s release, I’m planning a Camp Narnia.

One small problem: there are no Camp Narnia ideas out there. Believe me, I’ve looked. It’s all “discuss these questions, play freeze tag and go home.” I need to fill an hour and a half with twenty elementary kids. And so I beg to put before you Camp Narnia—bring on the brill ideas!

I already have our t-shirts planned:

Ten Signs You’re a Narnia Fan

10. You randomly knock on the backs of wardrobes
9. Before eating venison, you ask “This isn’t a talking stag, is it?”
8. You’re grounded for calling your mother a dem fine woman
7. You drink Shasta soda just because of the name
6. You always check behind sofas before discussing secret plans
5. You plant toffee in your backyard
4. You never push bracelets above your elbow
3. Every morning, you recite the signs, in order
2. You have a list of words that rhyme with “balmier”

1. You’re not afraid of railway accidents


Erin said...

I love that list. They all made me smile...especially #8.

Marie DeVries said...

you could play hide-n-seek. The library is marked in different areas.. miraz' castle, ruins of cair paravel, dancing lawn, aslan's how, the 'doorway', the railway station... and places like that, and the kids hide in the different areas... OH! or you could make all the places from LWW and have whoever is it be the White Witch, if she finds someone, they are frozen. the WW has a set amount of time to find everyone, then whoever is playing Aslan comes out and has to find everyone and turn them back from stone...

you could do crosswords, pin the tail on the lion, Turkish Delight snacks, a puppet show with talking animals... (???) uummmmm, I cant really think of anything else...

Good Luck!! I wish I could come to Camp Narnia!! though... I'm not in elementary school...

Janet Rubin said...

Yes, this is a fun list! I shared it with some of my narnia friends. I will think about camp ideas..