Dickinson Friday: 604


Unto my Books -- so good to turn --
Far ends of tired Days --
It half endears the Abstinence --
And Pain -- is missed -- in Praise --
As Flavors -- cheer Retarded Guests
With Banquettings to be --
So Spices -- stimulate the time
Till my small Library --
It may be Wilderness -- without --
Far feet of failing Men --
But Holiday -- excludes the night --
And it is Bells -- within --
I thank these Kinsmen of the Shelf --
Their Countenances Kid
Enamor -- in Prospective --
And satisfy -- obtained --


Speaking of turning unto my books, the Cybils Award Winners were announced yesterday! Boo hoo for Leepike Ridge, but I am looking forward to reading the MG winner, A Crooked Kind of Perfect by Linda Urban. In fact, it's waiting for me at the library this very moment!

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Erin said...

"...these Kinsmen of the Shelf..."
I like that line.